Monday, July 27, 2009

brand new drum and bass mix

so I've got a treat for those who've waited for this mix. it sat unfinished for ages and now is finally done. features Dragon MC, SpeaK Cycom and many others.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DJ mix links

I hope you guys like these mixes, as every single mix is now hosted here:
alright everyone, for those who never saw this on the old board this post will have a lot of links and I hope nobody is confused. every single dj mix will be going into this post. these are all of my dj mixes as of now:
the chillout mix:
the chillout mix vol 2:
the chillout mix vol 3:
your mom likes drums(drum and bass):
A night on the town(jazz):
the remix mix:
more than Just winning(random video game music):
the chillout mix vol 4:
More than Just winning vol 2(more video game music):
shooters unite(shooter game music):
shooters unite 2(more shooter game music):
Your mom likes drums vol 2(my fav, also drum and bass):
leveling up(RPG game music):
your mom likes drums vol 3(more Drum and Bass):
the random mix(stuff that comes from everywhere):
floating in space(space music):
A night on the town 2(more jazz music):
Shmups-R-Us(all Shmups music):
lets rock(rock music):
Think to Dance9(IDM music):
Plain Music(Plainaudio label mix):
A Little off tilt(tilt-recordings mix):
The Chillout Mix Vol 5:
Shmups-R-Us 2: Hellfire:
Floating In Space 2: